Get Rid of Skin Tags the Natural Way


Do you have any annoying little pieces of skin that stick up? These are often benign growths that are called skin tags, and many people suffer from them.

What Are Skin Tags?

These skin tags can occur just about anywhere on your body, but they often show up on your neck, chest, underarms, and inner thighs. They are often the same color as the skin they are attached to by a little stalk. They often resemble a little flap of skin that can get caught on clothing and generally annoy you.

Removing Skin Tags the Wrong Way

Just about everyone will have a skin tag growth on their body, and some people may be tempted to try to rip them off or scratch at them. This is a very painful action to takeand can leave you with an open wound that could become infected because of your actions.

Removing Skin Tags the Safe and Natural Way

You can get rid of skin tags in a very natural way that is completely safe. You could go to the doctor to have a medical procedure where they remove the tags, or you could use apple cider vinegar to remove these tags easily. You can speak with your doctor about it.

This works because the acid content of the vinegar will eat away at the skin tag’s stalk that keeps it secured on your body. This is accomplished by applying apple cider vinegar to a cotton ball and securing it over the skin tag. Keep replacing the cotton ball until the skin tag loosens up and goes away.

What Is A Skin Tag?

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A skin tag is usually a small, harmless flesh-colored flap that grows from the skin. They tend to develop in high-friction areas of the body, like your neck, eyelids, chest, and underarms. They also sometimes develop in the groin area. Skin tags are usually caused by friction, which triggers the skin to produce extra cells.

Typically they aren’t painful, but may be annoying or unsightly. It’s typical to want to remove them.

It’s also important to keep an eye on any skin growth, and pay attention to changes in color, sizes, texture, and shape. These can be early warning signs of precancerous skin.

How Can I Get Rid Of Skin Tags?
Step #1: Clean Tag Thoroughly

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If you want to remove your skin tags at home, apple cider vinegar does the trick nicely.

Just make sure you check with your doctor before trying any home procedures.

Then, thoroughly cleanse the affected area with hot water and antibacterial soap.

You want to make sure you don’t leave your skin vulnerable to any germs.

Step #2: Soak Cotton Ball in ACV

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Next, take a clean cotton ball or piece of sterile medical gauze.

Soak it thoroughly in apple cider vinegar until the whole piece of material is saturated.

Make sure it’s big enough to cover the skin tag you’re looking to remove.

Step #3: Bandage Cotton On Top Of Skin Tag

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Place the saturated cotton ball flat against the skin tag you’re targeting. You want the tag to be completely covered in the cotton.

Preferably, some of the ACV should be in contact with the “stalk” of the tag. This is the part of the tag you are targeting.

Now, place a clean bandage or piece of medical tape over the cotton to hold it in place.

Step #4: Leave Overnight

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Prepare your ACV treatment as part of your nighttime routine, then go to sleep with the cotton ball in place.

You can apply the ACV in the morning if you prefer, but you run a higher risk of accidentally knocking it off.

Either way, make sure the cotton stays on for between six and eight hours. This will give the acid of the vinegar time to start working on the stalk or “stem” of the skin tag.

Step #5: Remove And Rinse Thoroughly

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In the morning, carefully remove the bandage and cotton ball, and thoroughly rinse the affected area. You can wash again with soap and hot water to remove the vinegar smell.

Towards the end of the treatment, the tag may begin falling off, but be careful not to rip off any pieces that aren’t ready to come off yet when you are rinsing or removing the bandage.

Step #6: Repeat Until Tag Falls Off

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Repeat these steps every night for a several weeks or until the tag falls off.

With repeated applications of ACV, the tag should slowly start to change color and shrivel. It might appear to dry out or scab.

Don’t pick at it. Simply keep applying the vinegar until it falls off on its own.

If the tag is still totally intact after four weeks, stop the treatment. It might be time to try a different approach.

Step #7: Go To Doctor If You Suspect Something Is Off With Skin

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If the ACV treatment doesn’t work, go to your doctor to ask about having a tiny “micro-surgery” to remove the unsightly bump.

You should also call your doctor if you have any skin tags that are painful, strangely colored, bleed easily, or have changed in shape, texture, or size.

While most skin tags are harmless, any skin that displays the above symptoms needs to be checked immediately for cancerous cells.

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