A Four-Day Diet That Can Help You Lose Weight Both Effectively and Rapidly


Numerous of women around the globe desire to lose weight effectively, at a rapid pace. Believe it or not, by undertaking this four-day diet, anyone can lose weight fast and effectively. You can easily lose up to 10 kg.!
James Zeta, who is the creator of this diet, states that his diet provides a boost to people in order for them to maintain their weight during special occasions, like holidays.
The Effective and Rapid Four-Day Diet

First Day:
Without fat spiced (maybe just a bit of rosemary or salt), you can eat chicken
Three green salad dishes
Two eggs
One grapefruit pill
Two cups of skim milk

Second Day:
One cup of strawberry
Two cups of skim milk
Three large green salad dishes
Three eggs
One hundred grams of salmon slice without oil, or two cans of tuna

Day Three:
Three green salad dishes
Two eggs
One apple
Two cups of skim milk
Six grilled koftas

Fourth Day:
Same as day first

Along with your diet, it’s recommended that you drink eight glasses of water every day. It is necessary to exercise while undertaking this diet, in order to stimulate your body to burn more fat. Remember to not drink sweetened juices or bread.

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