Effective Natural Tea Remedy for the Treating of Kidney Stones


There once was a man who dedicated his entire life to thestudy ofplant substances, Edward Cayce. He did so for the purpose of discovering solutions that could help humanity. He discovered that tea from watermelon can be a great savior for those individualssuffering from kidney stones.

This particular tea from seeds of watermelon is very facile to make due to its simple ingredients and preparation. All that is required to create it is water and watermelon seeds. This tea can be drank a couple of times a day, because it’s not harmful.

Ingredients Required:
>2 liters of water (67 ounces)
>4 tablespoons of watermelon seeds

Preparation of Tea:
With the use of a coffee grinder if desired, seeds (fresh, not dried) of watermelon should be chopped up. In the bowl, integrate the seeds of the watermelon and the water. Reduce heat and cook for ten minutes when the water boils. Allow it then to cool and strain it. If you want, you can add lemon, sugar, or etc.
Even though Mr. Cayce passed away in 1945, his discoveries keep living on and thus helping a lot of people around the globe. Kindly share this with your friends.

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