Eating Bananas That Have Dark Spots Can Give Your Health a Boost


Contrary to popular belief, eating a banana that has dark spots is not a bad thing after all. A banana that is entirely ripped produces TNF (Tumor Necrosis Factor) which is a substance that is able to bombard abnormal cells; therefore, it has anti-cancer properties. The more dark patches a banana has, its immunity enhancement quality will be greater.

It’s a little known fact that the nutrient content of fruits tend to slightly change as they ripen. When a banana ripens, its level of antioxidants increases and it turns yellow. Its starch content changes to sugars that are of simple nature and thus are easier to digest.

According to Japanese scientists who carried out an experiment, bananas can increase the number of white blood cells, produce the anti-cancer substance TNF, and enhance the immunity of the blood. To increase your body’s immunity, you should eat one to two bananas every day. Try eating bananas that have brown spots, as they have been proven to be more effective.

To minimize further vitamin loss, store bananas in the refrigerator until they are fully ripped. Fresh bananas that have brown external patches are ripe enough to be enjoyed right away.

Source: womanmagazine

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