How To Easily Make Your Dirty Stoves Look Great Again – It’s Easy!


It is normal for things to get a little messy when you are coking. At least that is what happens to me. The stove happens to take a big hit when it comes to that mess. This is especially true for the stove grates; the following simple trick can help you clean out that mess. It can be the one that happened last night or even a week ago. Your stove’s grates will be left all sparkling just like when they were new.

Follow these simple steps to make this stove cleaning hack a success.

What you will need

  • Clear Polythene bags
  • Clear ammonia

First you need to get a polythene bag that is thick enough to hold the grates without breaking.

The next thing to do is to put the grates in the polythene bag.

For best results, each grate should be in its own bag.

Then you need to pour in some of the clear ammonia into each polythene bag and seal.

Leave them to sit overnight for the ammonia to do the cleaning work for you.

The dirt will dissolve into the ammonia.

Now softly scrub them with a rug and they will be as sparkling as new.

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