The Easiest Way to Deal with Sunburns Naturally


Going out into the sun can mean a sunburn. Here is one of the easiest way to deal with a sunburn.

What do you need?

All you need is a bath tub, water, rag, pitches and three bags of black tea and you’re done!

How do you go about it?

Afraid of getting yourself wet? Just undress in the bathroom, and fill in the pitcher with slightly warm water. Now, pour the tea bags of black tea that you have in the pitcher and soak the rag within the tea.

After this is done, just dab the rag around the sunburn. When you find that the water has cooled down, take the tea and leave it on your skin to be absorbed. It’s important to not wipe the dab on the affected area. You can also use tea bags in place of using rags, to cover the sunburns.

You can reapply this on the affected area as you need, and you can do it before bedtime. If you do it at night, you can have a bath when you get up. Within little time, you will find that the sunburn will be substantially diminished.

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