Don’t Just Cook With Salt, Cook on Salt


Researchers have found that using a Himalayan salt block as a cooking surface is an excellent way to boost your health and wellness.

Properties of Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt is one of the purest salt minerals available. It is packed with plenty of minerals that when you cook on it, will go into the food that you’re cooking to not only help flavor it but to make it more nutritious. It contains potassium, calcium, sulfate, magnesium, bromide, bicarbonate, iron, strontium, fluoride, and borate.

Health Properties

There are a number of conditions that Himalayan salt can help with, such as strengthening bones, improving acid reflux, balancing pH levels, preventing muscle cramps, and improving your electrolyte balance. It can also increase your hydration, and improve the way that your intestines work, prevent goiters, and increase your blood circulation.

What Is a Himalayan Salt Block?

A Himalayan salt block is an amazing cookware that can help you enjoy Himalayan Pink Salt. You can use it to sear and heat light items like eggs, thinly sliced fish and beef. It adds an improved salt and mineral flavor to the food.

Food actually tastes better when prepared on a Himalayan salt block. Unlike table salt, the food prepared on a Himalayan salt block cannot be over-seasoned or under-seasoned.

That’s not all, it is among the safest cookware that you can use. Also, the salt acts as an excellent antimicrobial agent, which can kill off microbes and preserve food.

What’s more, a Himalayan salt block can withstand extreme temperatures. Therefore, you can place the salt block on a gas stove or grill to heat up for frying food or chill it in the fridge in order to serve cold food. The salt block can withstand temperatures between -17°C to 482°C (0°F to 900°F).

But, it is NOT recommended to expose it to sudden temperature changes. Also, it is advisable to leave it to rest for at least 24 hours between uses.

How to Use

After you have purchased a block of Himalayan salt, you’ll want to use this on your grill or a gas stove. This is not recommended for use in your oven. Start heating it at a lower temperature, and increase it gradually. It should take about 40 minutes to heat it to about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, you can cook your food on it as you normally would cook it.

Before cleaning, let it cool completely to prevent injuries or damage to the salt block. In addition, you’ll want to wait 24 hours before using it again.

Don’t just season your food with salt, but cook on a Himalayan salt block to get all of the benefits.


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