Revelation of the Dangers of Pringles’ Snacks and the 411 on Cancer Causing Chemicals Found in Foods

Revelation of the Dangers of Pringles' Snacks

It is not a secret that Pringles’ snacks are definitely tasty edibles that millions of individuals across the country have enjoyed at least once in their lifetime, but have you stopped and think about what they are made of? Yes, the first initial thought that might come to mind is that they are made of potatoes, but are they really?

The brand Pringles once mentioned that the potato content that their snacks contain is so low that they couldn’t be considered ‘potato chips.’ Yes, we must thank them for their honesty.

What are Pringles’ snacks made from then?
The process of these snacks consists of mixing wheat, corn, rice, and potato flakes together. The doughy substance that is created from this mixture is rolled into thin sheets which are cut by a machine.

In order for the chips to attain the curve that they tend to have and so that they can fit nicely together, they are placed onto a conveyor belt so that they can be pressed into molds. Every mold that is created goes through boiling oil and then it is blow dried. Next, it is sprayed with a nice flavor before turning onto a conveyor belt of slow motion that stacks it with others of its kind. After all of this takes place, they are placed into cans, sent to shops, and a lot of us end up purchasing them.

Potato Chips Contains Cancer Causing Chemicals
When carbohydrates foods are cooked at temperatures that are very high acrylamide is created. Acrylamide has become well-known for being a neurotoxic and cancer causing chemical. This chemical is created if the carbohydrate foods are being toasted, fried, roasted, or baked. Any food that is being cooked at a temperature that is over 212 Fahrenheit willmore than likely have acrylamide.

Chips, French fries, roasted foods, fried potato foods, breakfast cereals, crisp breads, bread crusts, chicory coffee, ground coffee powder, and grains may contain acrylamide.

What is the amount of acrylamide that you are consuming?
Just in case you were not aware, there is a legal limit when it comes to the inclusion of acrylamide in edibles. The legal limit of this chemical in drinking water is 0.5 per billion. There are many snacks that go over this limit. Kettle Chips is 505 times over the legal limit, while Cape Cod Robust Russet is 910 times over the limit.

The chips that have been the talk of the town for quite some time due to them being promoted as a healthy choice are baked chips, but you will notice that they aren’t really that healthy when you stop and think about how much acrylamide they contain as they have a higher amount of this chemical than common chips do.

Besides Acrylamide, There are Other Dangers
When you eat restaurant or industrial prepared foods, you are exposed to different harmful toxins that are formed when food is cooked at high temperatures.

Heterocyclic Amines:
These are formed when meat is cooked at very high temperatures. Avoid eating the black-end portions of meats and avoid charring your meat.

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons:
Excess smoke is caused when fat drips onto a heat source. This smoke might surround your food and transfer PAHs that are cancer causing onto the meat.

Advanced Glycation End Products:
AGEs is formed inside food that is cooked again at a high temperature. This can lead to heart disease, kidney disease, increased risk of diabetes, and oxidative stress.

There is Hope
Those chips that are promotedas ‘healthy’ keep being transformed by their manufacturers. A lot of companies have removed hazardous ingredients and replaced them with more natural ingredients. This is definitely an improvement, as snacks are really becoming ‘healthier.’

Avoiding Toxins that Are Heat Induced:
If you really want to eat healthy, then you should opt to intake foods that are raw. Avoid eating edibles that are highly processed. For those of you who are not aware, it is often recommended that one third of the foods thatone eats, one should consume them raw.

One of the main reasons why one’s diet should give a turn to the healthy side is because foods that are processed deplete the foods micronutrients and values. You should try to intake a lot of protein, such as milk that is raw, chickens, and eggs. Opt to purchase edibles that state on their packaging to be 100% organic. Anything that does not contain that percentage shouldn’t be trusted to be organic all the way.

Once you make a change from eating processed foods to eating healthier foods, you will have a greater satisfaction, as you will be more fit and you won’t spend as much. Yes, eating healthy costs less the majority of the times.

via Dr. Mercola

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