Coconut Oil: Powerful Healer in Your Kitchen


Study Results

This study done by researchers examined the benefits of lauric acid, which comprises about 50 percent of coconut oil and how it can be used to destroy colorectal cancer cells. In fact, they found that about 93 percent of the cancer cells were killed within about 48 hours after the treatment was administered. Lauric acid handles this by reducing the levels of glutathione. This is what cancer cells use to keep themselves safe from exposureto oxygen radicals and oxidative stress. These tests were done both in Petridishes and in rats with the same results.

Coconut Oil Health Benefits

The health benefits of coconut oil are amazing, especially when it comes to cancer. Another study has shown that coconut oil is beneficial for those going through chemotherapy as it can help to reduce the side effects of this cancer drug.

Miraculous Effects
Clinical studies from the American Society for Nutrition have shown that the fat in coconut oil “may be useful in the treatment and prevention of conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis, viral diseases (mononucleosis, hepatitis C, herpes …), gall bladder diseases, Crohn’s disease, as well as cancer”.
It has been also proven that coconut oil can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and improve the quality of life in cancer patients. Thus, it is very unfortunate that pharmaceutical companies do not want to fund further research into the miraculous effects of these natural compounds.

More research should be done on natural remedieslike coconut oil as they can further enrich our medical knowledge.

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