Cancer: A Disease That Can Be Controlled Straight from Home within 24-Hours


According to researchers from the University of Kentucky, grape seed extract has been found to be able to destroy 76% of cancerous cells in people with leukemia within 24-hours by including the protein JNK, known for regulating the destruction of this type of cells. This founding was published in the American Association for Cancer Research journal.

Chemotherapy is less effective when cancer begins to progress. On the other hand, studies have revealed that grape seed extract can act faster when the cancer is more aggressive. Unlike chemotherapy, this solution does not affect the healthy cells, or destroy the whole body.

A doctoral candidate from the laboratory of the University Colorado Molly Derry has revealed that in the fourth stage of cancer, it takes less than half of the concentration of this solution to destroy 50% of cancerous cells and control the growth of the rest of them. The more effective the extract is when there are more mutations of cancer. On the other hand, cancer resistance to chemotherapy occurs when there are more mutations occurring.

It’s very interesting how the media has portrayed cancer to be an almost incurable disease that spreads quickly and results in mortality, when in reality cancer is no more dangerous than other diseases when natural and effective methods are taken into account.  source

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