Cancer: A Disease That Can Be Controlled Straight from Home within 24-Hours


Once considered common conspiracy theories, it appears that pharmacological and medical frauds are more real than air.

A health deception, in particular, was recently mentioned on the British Medical Journal: chemotherapy. Yes, chemotherapy has done more bad than good, as for decades, it has murdered millions of individuals around the globe in a very cruel and horrible way.

Even though it’s sad to think that humanity has not left a meaningful trace in the world of medicine and pharmacy, it’s very true. These two branches of science are supposed to help people fight their cancerous diseases, but they are deteriorating their health even more by giving them drugs which have been proven to be toxic.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Hardin B. Jones, who is a senior professor of medical physiology and physics at the University of California, Berkeley has gone the extra mile to study the life expectancy that people with cancer can have. He has come to the conclusion that chemotherapy simply doesn’t work; therefore, he warns patients that people who have taken a different therapy route have not died as fast as those people who decided to take the chemotherapy route.

The bottom line is that the medical field just wants people’s money in order to have power and more money. This can end once the people begin to realize and accept the cancer is a curable disease. You don’t need drugs or chemotherapy, as there are cheap and natural medicines that have been proven to be able to alleviate you from this type of disease once and for all.

There are numerous of drugs from nature that can defeat cancer within twenty-four hours even in its form of progress, but not a lot of people are aware of them due to the media constantly writing PR articles on chemotherapy.

What do you think?