​Patient’s Cancer Cells Were Killed 48 Hours After Drinking This Powerful Root


For years, scientists have been working diligently toward finding a cure for cancer. With so many people plagued with the disease, it has been a never-ending battle to make movement on the cure. And scientist may have just found the magic ingredient that will lead them on their way to curing cancer. Dandelion!

Having been used medicinally since ancient times, dandelion is a powerhouse when it comes to health perks.

The root of the dandelion holds the magic ingredient that scientists are currently experimenting with. It is said that the strong root builds up the immune system and blood, curing prostate, lung and other cancer far more effectively than chemotherapy.


Dr. Carolyn Hamm, from the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre in Ontario, Canada is one of the doctors who is backing the science behind the dandelion root cure. She confirmed that dandelion root extract was the only ingredient that helped patients with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. The cancer, which usually affects older adults, affects the blood-forming cells of the bone marrow.

One 72-year old cancer patient shared his story with the powerful root. After John Di Carlo, was sent home to live out his final days with family and friends after a long battle with leukemia that allegedly couldn’t be cured, he was advised to drink dandelion root tea. Doctors said that it was worth a try. And it certainly was! After drinking the tea, his cancer miraculously went into remission four months later and the only thing that the doctors could attribute it to was the consumption of the tea.

But how exactly does this magic potion work?

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