You Can Literally Alleviate Body Pain with the Aid of Your Palm

Every-Body-Part-Is-In-The-Palm-Of-Your-Hand-–-Press-The-Points-For-Wherever-You-Have-Pain (1)

When it comes to the relieving of pain, compared to western medicine, alternative medicine can usually be light-years ahead.

Although the most sensible route overall would be a combination of both alternative and western medicine, it is worth looking at all the benefits that an alternative form of pain resolution has, like reflexology.


Reflexology principles have led to the idea that pressure points within the palm of one’s hand are linked to the area of the body that’s causing the pain. You can attain results by pressing the point of the thumb into the corresponding part of the hand for five seconds, release for three seconds, press again, and repeat this cycle for several minutes.

A reflexologist was recently a guest at the Dr. Oz’s show. She explained that both the feet and hands can be viewed as a microcosm of the entire body. To explain what part of their bodies were causing pain or chronic discomfort, five audience members came to the stage. Every one of them was suffering from a particular matter, such as low libido, upper back pain, sinus congestion, insomnia and exhaustion, and bloating and constipation.

For every malady, the reflexologist explained which part of the palm is linked to the body area involved, and then, she demonstrated how utilizing one hand with different forms of massaging or pressing of a particular area of the palm of can ease the pain experienced, over time.

If you have body pain, check out the video so that you can put this method to the test! If it was part of Dr. Oz’s show, you can rest assured that it’s quite effective.


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