Cabbage Chemical Fights Ovarian Cancer


Certainly, it is very important for women to be screened for ovarian cancer because it is one of the major health concerns for women today. A new research study revealed that there is hope for women that are worried about this life changing disease. DIM is a substance that is created in the system while digesting cabbage. Diindolymethane or DIM is thought to stop the growth of cancerous tumors. Studies also revealed that those women that were undergoing chemotherapy and taking the drug cisplatin for ovarian cancer showed remarkable improvement by adding DIM to their therapy.


A lead researcher on the discovery found out a few amazing things that have had a vast impact on treating ovarian cancer, which affects nearly 7,000 women a year. Professor Sanjay Srivastava, of Texas Tech University states that DIM is a purely safe chemical that increases the effect of cisplatin without harming normal ovarian cells in the body. It zeros in on the STAT3 signaling and increasing apoptosis. Health experts agree that this study reveals a great finding, but women are still encouraged to visit their doctor for normal screenings, even if they do decide to take the studies advise and increase their consumption of the vegetables involved in the study.

Source : healthdigezt

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