The Benefits of Home Remedies for Intestinal Parasites


Some individuals can have the unfortunate problem of being infected by intestinal parasites which can cause damage to the gastrointestinal tract. One can either become infected with heleminths or protozoa, which are two varying types of parasites. Protozoa are not visible with the naked eye and are instead only visible under a microscope. Heleminths are however visible by the naked eye when they are in their adult stages of life. The way you can become infected by these parasites is either through contaminated food, through the skin, or through drinking infected water. The signs that one is infected is usually of pain in the abdominal area, or via nausea, vomiting, dysentery or gas. One can buy prescribed medical treatment for the infection of parasites. However, one may also wish to consider a selection of natural remedies that are available.

Pumpkin seeds can be beneficial in treating these issues and contain a number of ingredients, such as amino acids and carbohydrates, as well as fatty acids which can all help in the elimination of tapeworms and ring worms. Roundworms are also a common problem and can effect over 1 billion individuals around the world. Pumpkin seeds can be used to defend against these parasites if they are mashed up and combined with orange juice, or a similar type of juice. You can also mix pumpkin seeds with soy milk and onions to combat ascariasis, which is an illness caused by roundworms.

Garlic is an ingredient that has the ability to tackle a number of different types of parasitic worms and illnesses, such as roundworm, pinworms and gardia lambidia, which is a problem hat can disrupt the digestive tract. The center for disease and control prevention (CDC) also states that this problem is one of the main causes for waterborne illnesses within America. Garlic is effective when it is mixed in a number of ways but can be added to horseradish and half a liter of vodka before being mixed together with garlic, cognac, Young Birch leaves and linden tree ashes as an effective treatment against Giardia.

Wormwood is an effective natural medication against bookworms, tapeworms and round worms and has a long history of being a good communication against parasitical infections. It is effective as it can calm the digestive juices and can help to cleanse the digestive tract. Commonly known as Artemisia Annua, this medicine is effective but should not be used for prolonged periods of time.

Carrots are an Ingredient that can be effective against threadworms, thanks to the high level of vitamins that they carry. One can also protect themselves against pinworms by mixing grated carrot with honey and ingesting a spoonful before breakfast and before bed, so as to block the chances of a pinworm infection.

Another agent that works in a anti microbial way is that of Goldenseal. This is an ingredient that can enhance the use of certain herbs when they are used together and is available in pill form, as well as powder and in a salve. The key ingredient in Goldenseal that makes it effective against such parasitic viruses as Giardia Lamblia, Histolytica and pinworm viruses is Bereberine. Once can effectively treat themselves against problems such as pinworms and liver flukes by combining Goldenseal with cloves.

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