Beets: Gifts From Mother Nature


Beet lovers know that these red veggies are super sources of vitamins and minerals. Not only can you eat the beet itself, but the greens are edible, and tasty, also. Sugar cane is the largest source of sugar, beets are a close second.

If you don’t like beets keeping reading and you might just change your mind.

1. Beets: Viagra from Mother Nature:

The early Romans used beets as an aphrodisiac. Beets have high amounts of boron, which is related to the production of our sex hormones. Eat beets and make each other happy.

2. High in Vitamins and Minerals:

Just a few of the many vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are packed into beets and beet greens:

Folic acid
Vitamins A, B, and C

Beets are especially helpful to pregnant women: B vitamins and iron help new cells grow and continue to grow while replenishing a woman’s depleted iron supplies.

3. Body Cleanser:

Beets purify the blood, can help prevent a variety of cancers, and beets are a wonderful medicine for the liver.

4. High Energy Source:

Low in calories, high in sugar, beets release their sugars slowly so that you can maintain a higher level of energy. There aren’t many foods that can offer this same benefit.

5. Can Be Used To Test Stomach Acid Levels:

If you eat a lot of beets and notice that your urine is pink, this means that you have low levels of stomach acids. If your urine is still clear, eat more beets until you pee pink. Help your stomach, eat more beets!

6. Helps Improve Mental Health:

Beets contain betaine, which is something doctors give patients for depression. Beets also contain trytophan, a mind relaxer that makes you feel good (like chocolate does.) Eating beets can also help lower your blood pressure.

What are you waiting for? Go get yourself some fresh beets and include them in tonight’s dinner plan. Remember, you can eat the greens as well as the red parts.

Finally, if you still can’t stand to eat beets, try juicing them and adding them to fruit smoothies. You will get all the benefits of this tasty vegetable, without that “beety” taste.

What are you using your beets for? Let us know in the comments below.

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