Bananas Are Awesome: Things You Never Knew About Bananas


Bananas are a very tasty treat that most people enjoy, but did you know that bananas are also healthy? They provide an excellent source of vitamins and minerals in your diet which can help your overall health. Eating bananas on a daily basis can help you with several different health conditions. Learn about these amazing facts that you didn’t know about bananas before:

• Bananas are packed with fiber which is good for your digestion and can help stop constipation.
• Bananas can help people with diabetes as they help regulate blood sugar.
• Bananas work to improve the way that your body absorbs calcium and other minerals which are good for your bones and teeth.
• Due to the way that bananas help with calcium, it also works to prevent kidney stones and cancer.
• Bananas are high in iron, so they are great for those that are borderline anemic because it improves the quality of your blood.
• Bananas are great to eat right before exercising because they give you an energy boost.
• Bananas are high in potassium and low in sodium making them perfect for people looking to prevent heart attacks and strokes.
• The high potassium in bananas is also great for your brain and can help with critical thinking.
• Bananas are also good for depression because they contain tryptophan that will turn into serotonin in your body.

Here are several great reasons to add bananas to your diet right away.

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