Amazing all-Natural Cure For Chronic Coughs and Bronchitis


A natural lifestyle is becoming popular and beneficial for maintenance and treatment of the human body. In fact, a natural cure for chronic cough and bronchitis has proven to be more effective than the hundreds of over the counter (OTC) treatments.
The recipe is very simple, however, the combination of bananas and raw, organic honey really works. It will change the way you treat your condition from now on. Drinking this mixture, will not only sooth your throat and lung problems, it will also settle most commonstomach issues. Another plus is the all-natural remedy is safe for both children and adults. Unlike pharmaceuticals, there are no side effects.
Follow these instructions to make this healing and delicious drink:
2 medium size bananas, slightly over ripe
400 ml of water (13.5 ounces)
2 tablespoons raw, organic honey
Boil water while preparing other ingredients. Peel bananas, then puree using wooden utensil. Avoid using metal cutlery, it may darken the fruit. Pour the puree into another pot and add the boiled water. Stir, then allow mixture to steep and cool for about 30 minutes.
Add honey. Adding honey last maximizes its natural properties. Strain mixture if desired.
Drink 100ml (3 ounces) four times a day. Make a fresh batch every morning. After 5 days you will have significant improvement of your condition.

How to Use It:

Consume 100ml of this beverage 4 times daily, so that you drink the whole remedy during the day.

As you can see this quantity is enough for 1 day. Therefore, you should create a fresh one the next morning.

You will notice the improvements after 5 days of using the remedy


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