Is Adrenal Fatigue Messing Up Your Life?


Your adrenal glands may not be keeping up with the demands on your body due to your busy schedule of always being on the go and the stress that you’re under. This is called adrenal fatigue. Your body may be telling you this through the different signs, and this warning is one that should be headed. If you answer yes to any of these signs, you may want to make an appointment with your doctor in addition to working to improve the problem itself.

1. Overwhelming Feeling

Some people may get this feeling that they are totally overwhelmed by life. These feelings can at times make you feel overpowered and helpless. Combat these feelings by trying to cut those things out of your life that makes you feel out of control.

2. Sleep Issues

Sleep issues may be another sign that you’re facing adrenal fatigue in your life. Your body should be getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night to rest and recharge for the next day. Troubles falling or staying asleep can pinpoint problems.

3. Exhaustion Hits After Workouts

You may find that you feel evenmore exhausted than you should after workouts. Most people feel energized after a workout routine, and if you’re not, you may want to switch to another type of workout. For instance, yoga or walking.

4. Hormones Out of Whack

You may need a test to tell you for sure that your hormones are out of whack, but there are some signs that this could be happening to you. Your hair may be falling out, you have dry skin, unexplained weight gain, and poor circulation. Positive changes in your diet, rest, eliminating caffeine, and eating a proper diet can help with your hormones.

5. Feeling Anxiety or Depression

Both anxiety and depressive feelings can be linked to adrenal fatigue, and this is often due to the amount of stressyou feel during your daily life. Finding ways to reduce your stress can be beneficial to how you feel.

6. Salt Cravings

If the desire for salt is more than usual for you, this is a sign that your adrenal glands are working overtime. Try using Himalayan pink salt, along with adding seaweed snacks or mineral drops to your diet.

7. Body Aches

Unexplained body aches from stiffness and soreness can also point to a problem with your adrenal glands not functioning optimally. You can try adding relaxing baths, yoga, and getting enough rest in a night to make you feel better.

8. Coffee is Your Best Friend

If you can’t get through an afternoon without a cup of coffee, adrenal fatiguemay be causing issues for you. Try to drink herbal teas and other coffee substitutes to wean your dependence on coffee.

9. Poor Digestion

Episodes of diarrhea, constipation, weight gain, bloating, and indigestion can point towards an issue. Adding more water to your diet, eating a healthier diet, adding probiotics to your supplements, and eating slowly can all add in better digestion.


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