The Working Wonder: Cure Over 50 Ailments and Detox Your Body With This Oriental Tea


From the kitchens of the East comes this miracle recipe. This ancient super-tea, containing brilliant ingredients like turmeric, cloves, ginger, cinnamon cardamom, helps one eliminate toxins from ones body and helps treat nausea. Turmeric in itself treats nematodes and has been proven to treat cancer and dementia as well. Cloves and ginger on the other hand, help treat infections and stimulate blood circulation respectively.

Here is how you can make it at home:

What you’ll need to make this miracle herbal tea:

• ½ tsp ginger• ½ tsp cinnamon• ½ tsp clove• 1/6 tsp turmeric• A pinch of cardamom• 1 ½ cup of water• ½ cup coconut milk• Honey instead of sugar as it’s much healthier.

How to combine the ingredients:

• In a kettle, mix all the spices in and pour the 1 ½ cup of boiling water on to it.• If instead of the powdered spices you have whole spices, then instead of just poring the water over the spices, let the spices steep in the water over the stove• Stir well, and add warm coconut water to this mixture.• This is one tea where you aren’t supposed to strain it.

• You can enjoy this tea with a dash of honey if you want and sip it throughout the day.

A must have for the coldest of months as it cures bouts of cold and fever it helps to completely cleanse your body, and strengthen your immune system. Go ahead, try this brilliant tea and see the difference yourself.

Source: naturalcuresnotmedicine

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