5 Reasons To Desist From Eating Salmon


If you eat fish for its health benefits, it is likely that you are doing so for the presumed health benefits of theomega 3 which is contained within it. However, these claims may not be completely true andthere could be a dark side to salmon. It is commonly promoted as quite a healthy food which can havea lot of assets as part of a healthy diet. In short, though, salmon is not actually that good for you and should not be consumed on a regular basis as there are many detrimental impacts on your health from eating it. Furthermore, it does not taste particularly good, when it is tinned.

Here are 5 reasons which should make you stop eatingsalmon for good:

1. Salmon’s health benefits may not be all they say they are
Many supporters laud salmon’s health benefits, but it comes up short when it is weighted against otherfoods, particularly natural ones.

Leading health nutritionists have proven that salmon is half fat and eating a food like this cannot be good for anyone’s health, never mind someone who is overweight anyway. Salmon could even induce obesity in some cases. Excess fatin one’s diet is not a good thing and can make one gain weight at an accelerated rate which is not conudicve to staying in the best health. Essentially, it can also lead one to be at risk of joint pain, Arthritis and a variety of other diseases.Furthermore, salmon could even increase the risk of cancer and make one more susceptible to osteoporosis.

2. On the farm, things are not as they should be
Farmed salmon is even worse than wild salmon, for a multitude of reasons. It contains many toxins and other nasties which have proven to be very detrimental to the health of some vulnerable groups in society like pregnant women and they have even been linkedwith developmental disorders in children. Children have a lot of things to contend with anyway and it is really hard to develop when they are confronted with the chemicals and toxins which salmon can contain. In addition, children who are going through puberty can really suffer as their hormones will not connect well with eating salmon on a regular basis.

3.Wild salmon is not so frequent anymore
Salmon can be a piece of food whichhas many negative impacts on one’s health although wild salmon is not as bad as its farmed counterpart.

However, the numbers of wild salmon have beendecreasing for some time due to increased demand and intensive farming practices which have rendered their stocks to be depleted. This has led many people to resort to eatingfarmed salmon to get their fix which can have some very detrimental impacts to one’s health.

4. As we eat more salmon, the animals eat less
As humans consume a lot of salmon, this means that less is available for the animals in the wild. Salmon is not an abundant species, yet a lot of animals depend on it for the nutrients they get from it and other such health benefits, but without being abe to eat it, they may become ill and suffer discontent themselves.

They can die out as well, as exemplied in the North West of the Pacific, where limited numbers of salmon have caused bears and other species to fall in number.

With one-third of the world’s commerical fishing grounds out of business, one person’s guilty pleasure of a little salmon can mean the difference between life and death foran animal.

5. Farming only increases the effects of overfishing
Farming can lead to more over-fishing which means that other fish as well as salmon face the risk of their population decreasing. In essence, whales, dolphins, sharks and other fish are all at risk of becoming extinct one day if this trend continues.

It can be hard to let go of eating something which you have loved for years, but it may be the right thing to do in the long run as there are a lot of physical and environmental benefits of doing so. Further to this, you can get your fix of omega 3 from other sources like nuts and seeds, so all is not lost.

Source: mindbodygreen

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