14 year old dies in her sleep: When cause of death is revealed, my heart breaks


Under the sheet lay Le Thi’s mobile phone charger. Although it was plugged into the telephone, the phone wasn’t charging – the part of the cable closest to the phone was completely burnt.

Le Thi’s parents say that their daughter would always charge her phone next to her on her bed at night.

Police in Hanoi confirmed that they found a burnt charger in Le Thi’s bed. The cable also had a broken plastic cover which had been taped over.

According to a police report, Le Thi plugged the charger into the telephone and laid down to sleep, when she received an electric shock from the faulty phone charger.

It’s extremely dangerous to charge a phone with a broken cable.



It’s always better to be safe than sorry. NEVER sleep with your mobile in your bed. Dispose of broken chargers, and always buy original replacement parts for your phone from an official manufacturer.

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