11 Foods That Help To Unclog Your Arteries Naturally



Antioxidant rich fruits improve the arteries walls as pomegranate does. It is heart loving fruit due to the presence of phytochemicals that are an antioxidant. Pomegranate help in production of nitric oxide that mainly improve blood flow and widen the arteries.

Olive oil

Olive oil is known as the master of essential oils due to its several health benefits, it help to prevent cholesterol to build in the blood artries. Olive oil also reduce high blood pressure.


Orange juice is full of antioxidants that work to improve blood vessel function. It keep blood pressure normal. Drink two cups of fresh oranges juice per day which are abundant source of essential nutrient.


This vegetable also fight heart diseases. As spinach contains carotene which prevents cholesterol from deposite in the arteries. Spinach is great source nutrients and minerals which help in to keep blood pressure normal.


Mexican study shows that, daily consumption of avocado reduce bad cholesterol levels to 17%, its also increase good cholesterol and balanced arteries health.


Asparagus is one of the best, natural artery-clearing foods around. Asparagus works within the 100,000 miles of veins and arteries to release pressure, thereby allowing the body to accommodate for inflammation that has accumulated over the years.

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